June 25, 2017

Anti-Haul | 5 Reasons I'm Not Rushing To Buy Urban Decay's Naked Heat Palette

I've challenged myself to a relatively ambitious new year's resolution: not buying any makeup in 2017. The only exceptions are replacing the essentials, mainly foundation and eyeliner. Six months later and it's been surprisingly easy as there haven't been any makeup releases that have excited me. Until the release of Urban Decay's latest addition to the Naked family, the Naked Heat palette. At first glance, it seems like a well thought out cohesive palette with a clear theme. That and the packaging made it difficult to resist.

1. I Have Dupes...

The beauty market is already saturated with copper/red toned palettes. They've been trending for the last few years. Lime Crime's Venus palette released around 2014, since then we've seen Anastasia Beverly Hill's Modern Renaissance, Huda Beauty's Rose Gold palette, Violet Voss' Holy Grail palette. Urban Decay are jumping on the bandwagon fairly late and without doing their own spin to the now dying trend.

2. ...and Never Reach for Them

Despite the fact that I have several dupes for each of the shadows in this palette, I almost never wear them. I've rarely touched my Lime Crime Venus palette, and don't often reach for copper red shadows. 

3. The Shadows are Too Similar

At first glance the palette seems well put together, it definitely has a cohesive theme. Naked Heat looks like it suffers the same problem that the Naked 3 palette did. While the shadows may look different swatched, they ultimately look the same when applied on the lid. Naked Heat could do with some contrasting shades.

4. It's Uninspiring

Despite having 12 shadows, I can't think of many different looks to create with this. Certainly not 12 different looks. Browsing all reviews and tutorials, each eye look seems pretty similar to each other.

5. It's A Permanent Item

It's easy to get swept up with the release of a new item. Resisting the urge to buy the latest item is even more difficult when it's a limited edition item. Considering how the rest of the Naked line is permanent, it's safe to assume Naked Heat will be too. I'll be waiting for more reviews before I even consider trying this palette out.


  1. I think this palette looks so pretty, but I'm with you. I won't be purchasing this either.


  2. Wonderful article about PALETTE,Thanks for sharing.............

  3. I've been on a similar journey this year- buy less make-up. I realized I had so much that I wasn't even using what I was buying much. I would use it like once or twice and move on. It was becoming wasteful.

    As for the palette, I kind of feel that after the Naked 3 (rose gold) it went downhill. Things are so repeated and unnecessary. I mean, if you don't already own one or a few, then whatever you pick up from the line is nice, but owning them all makes no sense.