April 02, 2017

Stash Find | Illamasqua Apocalips Lipstick

Apparently my Illamasqua lipstick addiction was so extreme, I didn't realise I owned more than the 12 that I already reviewed. During a trip back home, I found Apocalips, a teal coloured lipstick, in my old bedroom. My inability to recall ever buying it gave a much needed reality check of my former spending habits and mindless consumption.

So while my hair was turquoise, I thought I may as well test out the lipstick and I hate to admit, I think I've outgrown the crazy bold lip colour craze. Admittedly, my colourful hair is the main reason for this, the teal coloured lipstick would have worked better with my natural hair. While there are a ton of alternative women out there who are content with bright hair and bold makeup, I prefer balance. 

Back in the days of black and white movies, makeup artists would use blue/green lipstick on actresses. This was because the camera was sensitive to cool tones, almost turning blues to white and warm tones would turn them black. Unfortunately, I can't filter real life to make this lipstick look normal at all.

Colour issues aside, I can't fault the lipstick itself in terms of quality. Illamasqua lipsticks are known for being on the drier side, but Apocalips is on the slightly creamier side as far as their matte range goes. It's incredibly pigmented, unscented and is incredibly long lasting. The slightly dry formula requires a bit of extra effort when applying.

Apocalips is an unconventionally beautiful colour, one that I can't imagine anyone getting much use out of. Back in their early days it would have cost less than £14 but now retails for £19. Luckily, so many brands do unconventional lip colours and if you really felt the urge experiment you could easily get a similar colour at an affordable price.

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