March 05, 2017

Makeup Rehab | Decluttering My Blush Collection

This year, I've given myself only two makeup related goals. One, to not buy anymore for the entire year and two, to downsize the makeup collection. Unlike other makeup rehaber's, I'm not looking for a minimalist makeup collection. I enjoy experimenting and like having a variety of colours in my collection to mix things up on occasion. To kick off this little project, I'm starting with something easy for me, my blush collection.

The Original Collection 
I grouped my blushes into several categories: Light (shades that are possibly to light for my skin tone), corals, berries, shimmers, rose gold and brights. Breaking down the collection this way made it clear to see how similar some shades were and purge more items.

After Decluttering  
I was brutal with most of the categories. With the lights, I got rid of two blushers that were definitely not made for my skin tone and more for pale people. I got rid of all my coral shades because I know for a fact that I never reach for them. They were easier to wear with my natural hair but since dyeing my hair, I find it clashes horrifically. Since I don't wear berry blushes often, it made sense to only stick to one.

With my random shimmers collection, I simply got rid of the elf bronzer as I never reach for it and it was so cheap it was easier to part with. I rarely wear rose gold blushes, so I decided to keep my NARS sample that I had received for free a while ago and get rid of the rest. As all the blushes in the brights category were so different, I kept most of them and just got rid of my cream blushers. 

Last but not least, I had my everyday nudes:

I've kept more of these since these all flatter my skin tone and I don't look like a clown wearing them. I got rid of the blushes I considered to be poor performers. Since my Too Faced blush is nearly finished as well, I should soon be left with 2 powder blushes and 1 cream blush.

Binning : 11

There are two major patterns I noticed while chosing what to get rid of. First, I do genuinely believe you can get quality drugstore makeup items, I don't value them and rarely reach for them. They were the easy to let go of.  Second, I don't actually like cream blushers (although there is one exception), I should have never bought so many of them to start off with. Since cream based items carry bacteria a lot easier, they'll be going straight to the bin. As cute as Benefit's Rockateur blush is, it's been a pain to finish it up. I've gotten a decent amount of use from it and the bulky packaging takes up more storage space than I'd like so I'm unburdening myself from it by binning it.

Passing On : 4

I felt like these four are too nice to just chuck away, so I'll be offloading them to friends and family. If they aren't interested, off to the bin they go.

Keeping: 8

These are the 8 blushes I'll definitely be keeping. Illamasqua blushes are incredibly pigmented and long wearing, so there's no surprise that half of these are by them. Ultimately, I'm satisfied with the colour range and feel like any gaps in my collection that I would actually wear are filled. I'll probably never finish some of these brights but the point is to have them at hand for occasion wear. 

Panning : 2

Considering how empty my Too Faced Love Flush blush is, it only makes sense to try and finish it up as soon as possible. I'm also hoping to use up my MAC Star Trek Highly Illogical powder this year and put it towards one of six items to qualify for the Back to Mac program.

On Probation : 4

These four, I'm undecided on. A few months along the line, I plan on reassessing whether I do like them:

  1. Illamasqua's Zygomatic - The one cream blush I do actually like and love. However, I've not used it in a while. 
  2. NYX's Desert Rose - The quality of NYX's blushes are great. I'm just unsure about whether I need a berry blush. As I rarely wear them.
  3. Illamasqua's Chased - It's a bright rose pink blush that looks beautiful in the pan and swatched. However, pink has always been one of those problematic colours for me.
  4. Urban Decay's Flushed Blush Palette in Streak - This originally seemed like an excellent all in one palette. However, in the flesh, it seems like it's far too light to work with my medium skin tone. 

Repurposing : 1

Naturally with my obsession with purple, I couldn't help but grab Fyrinnae's purple blush. Although I love experimenting, purple blush is a tad too outlandish for me to pull off, even with purple hair. It greys my skin, I feel like cooler toned people might actually get a purple tinge but it doesn't work for myself. So instead I'll try and find another use for it, I'll have to double check the ingredient list to see if this is eye-safe so I could use as eyeshadow.



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