January 08, 2017

Makeup Rehab | 5 Things I Regret Buying in 2016

Despite buying way more than I originally planned to in 2016, there weren't many purchases that were amazeballs. On the other hand, there also weren't many things I regret buying. Most of the things I do regret buying aren't for their quality. So this list is not a list of the worst performing beauty items. The best example of this is...

1. Anything & Everything by Jeffree Star

Jeffree's liquid lipsticks were my favourite formula on the market. As someone who doesn't watch YouTube videos, news of Jeffree Star's shameful past took longer to reach me. Sadly, I had literally found out just after spending a fair bit of money on his highlighters and a few liquid lipsticks. After watching Stephanie's video and further examining Jeffree's behaviour and YouTube content (including doing makeup inside a fancy car), there are more deserving companies and indie brands to give your money to.

2. MAC Star Trek Pure Show Liquid Liner

When swatched in store, Pure Show was the most beautiful sparkling yellow gold eyeliner. However, when I tried it on my lids, the formula was watery and the applicator made it impossible for either a thin or precise application. Whenever I wanted to wear double liner, I had to redo the first wing.

3. Shiro Cosmetics Algebraic Collection

I love Shiro's Adventure Time themed eyeshadow collection. They perform about as well as other shadows by Shiro Cosmetics. However, I really didn't need anymore eyeshadows and I didn't just buy one but the entire collection as indie shadows are affordable.. This collection was the first purchase I made in 2016 where I broke my no buy after 4 months. From there, it was a slow slippery slope of buying more per month.

4. Sugarpill Kim Chi Liquid Lipstick

I love the magical aspect of Sugarpill's liquid lipsticks. The matte application with sparkle that appears after you rub your lips and the unique scent that matches each colour set their liquid lipsticks apart from the rest on the market. Kim Chi works as well as the other liquid lipsticks do. However, the lavender purple shade really clashes with my warm medium skin tone, even with new purple hair.

5. Kat Von D Dali Liquid Liner

I'm not sure what my reasoning behind buying this was. When I swatched it, I knew it wasn't pigmented at all and needed a lot of layering to work. However, I bought it just for the teal colour especially as it matched my then turquoise hair. Then a few months later I obviously changed my hair colour, defeating it's original purpose. The way I use this, I not only layer the eyeliner but I also top it off with teal coloured eyeshadow to really get the colour to pop.

On a side note, this year I'm challenging myself to not buy any makeup. The only exceptions are the essentials like foundation, eyeliner, concealer and face primer. I'm only allowed to treat myself with some vouchers I received last year and and whatever is left on any of my points cards. I'll be focusing on destashing my collection and using up items in my collection.

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  1. I can relate to this in parts so much! I love Jeffree Star Cosmetics but I don't like the person behind it all and as you put it, there are other indie brands out there that are honest and can do with the money. So my buying from him will lessen this year for sure.

    I'm really disappointed in MAC Cosmetics over the years as I feel their collections they release aren't as good as they used to be or that they just re-release colours they have already brought out.