January 29, 2017

Indie Makeup | Sugarpill Pumpkin Spice Liquid Lipstick

The season of pumpkins was over a long time ago but that didn't stop me from ordering Sugarpill's Pumpkin Spice liquid lipstick in December. Although the pumpkin spice theme may have put people off for being gimmicky, I've recently been wearing coppers and oranges a lot, minus the oompa loompa spray tan. So when photos of Pumpkin Spice's coppery base with warm gold glitter surfaced, I made an order for myself.

The packaging for Sugarpill's liquid lipsticks are identical to both Jeffree Star's and Makeup Monster's liquid lipsticks. I prefer Sugarpill's white cap as it feels less tacky than Jeffree's bright pink or Makeup Monster's green cap.

Pumpkin Spice doesn't work like Trinket, it doesn't have the 'magic' rub your lips for glitter to appear surprise. When you apply it, the shimmer is immediately apparent. When applying Pumpkin Spice, I had to layer it a little to make sure it applied evenly along the lips. The formula didn't feel either drying or moisturising on the lips, it felt as though I wasn't wearing anything to begin with. Even after 7 hours of wear, my lips didn't feel particularly dry. I was surprised by the wear time as Trinket didn't seem to last quite as long as Pumpkin Spice.

Pumpkin Spice appears to be really dark on paler skin tones but the deeper the skin, the more 'natural' it looks, minus the gold glitter! The pumpkin spice scent of the liquid lipstick is only noticeable when you sniff the tube but when applying or wearing it, the scent is too subtle to ever be a problem.

Pumpkin Spice is a seasonal limited edition liquid lipstick and is currently only available on Sugarpill's website.

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