November 13, 2016

Beauty | Glitters by Lit Cosmetics

It seems like the US & Canada have a ton of makeup brands that focus on glitter. The first glitter brand to pique my interest was Lit! Cosmetics. Unfortunately, as a broke student, I couldn't afford to ship the already quite pricey makeup to the UK. It wasn't until IMATs last year where I could swatch them all that I finally bought a few.

Hot chocolate is described as a medium brown, it definitely has warm/orange undertones to it.

Soul Sister looks very green but is actually a brown glitter that twinkles green and orange.

Vanilla ice is a clear white glitter. It's very transparent and doesn't really show much.

Gunsmoke is a grey glitter perfect for smoky eyes.

Peacock is a stunning blend of blue and green glitter.

Cayman is a light turquoise glitter, reminiscent of the water by the Cayman islands

What do the numbers mean? The smaller the number the finer the glitter. The lowest, #1 is a fine micro glitter. The largest, #4 is a large cut. I personally prefer the larger cuts as they seem to pop more. The #2 small cut still seem too finely milled that the glitter doesn't shine as obviously.

The glass cube jars give the packaging a luxurious edge to it. I usually dislike sifter jars as they seem to prevent anything from coming out at all. Thankfully, the glitters are so fine that they sift through easily.

The thing with cosmetic glitters is that you can't really compare them with other brands quality wise. Standard 'solid' glitter's in particular as every glitter brand out there do them. It's whether the brand do any unique shimmer or holographic glitters that makes them special. Lit! do all the colours of the rainbow and more. While I love all the glitters, my favourite is definitely Soul Sister with it's multi coloured sparkle. Whenever I get the opportunity to pick up some more, I'll definitely aim to get more original glitters.

Lit! Glitters are available for purchase on the official Lit! Cosmetics website, Beautylish & Beauty Bay.

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  1. gorgeous glitter cosmetics <3 lovely colour
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