October 30, 2016

Beauty | MAC Star Trek

I feel like there haven't been many beauty launches that have excited me this year. One of the few that caught my interest was by a brand that doesn't tend to generally capture any of my attention, MAC's Star Trek collection to celebrate their 50th anniversary. To my surprise, I'm able to review the collection two months after it's launch and the entire collection hasn't completely sold out yet, there are still a few bits available for purchase.

The Light Fantastic Powder in Highly Illogical
I rarely get tempted by cheek products, but the galaxy in a pan design intrigued me. I originally planned on picking up Luna Luster but it didn't seem to show up at all on my medium skin. Instead I tried out Highly Illogical on my cheek and was sold. It's officially described as a sheer wash of golden plum with fine pearl but on my medium skin it came off as a copper brown. It has a light sheen making it suitable for everyday wear.

Left - Pleasure Planet Lipglass
Right - KHAAANNN! Lipglass

Pure Show Eyeliner
This is the only purchase out of everything that I regret making. The colour is what convinced me to make the purchase, it's a beautiful bright yellow gold pearl eyeliner. I really don't like the formula and handle. As someone who doesn't struggle with eyeliner, believe me when I say the brush makes it difficult to use. It's impossibly to get a precise application with. Admittedly, this is mainly due to how watery the formula is. No matter where you put it, it seems to spread by it's own will. The one perk is that once it has dried up it won't budge. Ultimately, I wouldn't recommend to my worst enemy.

Pleasure Planet & KHAAANNN! Lipglass
I've recently been steering away from doing matte lips everyday. I've been swapping my liquid lipsticks for creamy lipsticks or even just adding lipgloss over a liquid lipstick. I admit to being very tempted by all of the lipglosses in the collection, as they were all jam packed with tons of glitter and sparkle. I settled on pleasure planet which is described as a muted gold shimmer and KHAAANNN! which is a berry with red reflect. Naturally lipglosses aren't particularly long lasting and last approximately 3/4 hours with no base.

Left - Where No Man Has Gone Before
Right - Live Long and Prosper

Where No Man Has Gone Before Lipstick
Where no man has gone before is a very sheer lipstick. It's described as pink with gold pearl and has a lustre finish. It's the first time I've ever used or owned a lustre finish lipstick, it feels balmy and moisturising. It feels like a lipgloss in lip bullet form. The sheerness makes it excellent for layering over various different lip liners or liquid lipsticks. I occasionally use this solo but find it never lasts longer than 3 hours.

Live Long and Prosper Lipstick
Live long and prosper is described as a icy rosy champagne. My main interest with this was the frost finish, it has an almost metallic like quality to it. This is definitely a camouflage shade, it changes depending on who's wearing it. On myself it leanrs towards the warm champagne aspects and isn't at all pink! 

While many seem to complain about how uninspired the packaging is, I prefer it. It means my purchases weren't swayed by shiny packaging. It also blends in well with the rest of my MAC makeup on my dressing table instead of popping out too much.

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