October 06, 2016

Adventures In Dye | Arctic Fox Aquamarine

Last year I took the leap by bleaching my dark hair to oblivion to try and get turquoise dip dye hair with Manic Panic dyes. It eventually grew out this year and I ended up going through the process again to take the colour higher up. This time I decided against using Manic Panic dyes again. Although their turquoise dye was the perfect colour, their dye's were on the expensive side and did't last that long. Since I had more hair to cover as well, it was just more cost efficient to try something new. The new hair dye of choice? Arctic Fox's Aquamarine.

You can order the dye in either 4 oz or 8 oz bottles. Before the value of the pound plummeted, instead of spending £12-£13 on a 4oz bottle of Manic Panic, I spent it on a 8oz bottle of Arctic Fox's Aquamarine.  The 4oz bottles were roughly £7 - £8. The prices have now gone up to £10 for the 4oz bottle and £15 for the £8oz, so they wouldn't be as cost efficient anymore unfortunately!

Similarly to Manic Panic and Directions dyes, Arctic Fox is a vegan, semi-permanent dye. It acts like a conditioner and sits on top of the hair instead of bonding with the hair shaft like permanent dyes with harmful chemicals do. Arctic Fox's dye is possibly the only scented beauty product I've tried who's smell I actually like. I'm terrible with identifying smells but it definitely makes me think of berries. Blue dyes have a bad habit of staining everything, showers, towels and skin. Since I've taken the colour higher than before, I find I end up having spots of blue around my face, ears and neck quite often.

When I first put Aquamarine on, I was surprised by the colour. It came out electric blue, when I was expecting turquoise. After 2/3 washes, the green undertones began to show and it was a beautiful shade of turquoise. After a few more washes it begins to become a more green based turquoise before eventually fading into a pastel shade. I only managed to get it pastel after using a lot of coconut oil and swimming though. How long the dye lasts depends on how often you wash it and at what temperature, along with what kind of hair products you use on it. In summer when I'd only have cold showers, it lasted for a few weeks before I noticed much fading. Now that it's cooled down and my showers are boiling hot, the dye only seems to last 2 washes before noticeable fading.

Should any other fellow makeup addicts take the plunge and go turquoise, check out my makeup inspiration board for Turquoise Hair on Pinterest!

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  1. did you bleach your hair before using the arctic fox aquamarine hair dye??

    1. Yes I did, 4 times over 4 months as i needed to get rid of any yellow in my hair to make sure the dye turned out blue.

  2. I haven't done more than rinse with ice cold water maybe one a week (absolutely no shampoos) yet night often wake up to a ghastly green neck and ears! I use no products on the portion I have àquamarine. Any suggestions?