September 29, 2016

Travel | Ticking Off The Bucket List at La Sagrada Familia

I can't remember when I had La Sagrada Familia on my bucket list or what the reason was for it. All I can really remember is wanting to visit the curious looking church (especially as someone with a sheltered upbringing in the middle east) by Gaudi in Barcelona after randomly stumbling upon it. This year, after making a list of places I wanted to visit, I just went for it, with very little planning involved.

From the distance, La Sagrada Familia isn't the most aesthetically pleasing structure. It comes off odd, somewhat ugly but definitely unique on the Barcelona skyline. It wasn't until I got up close that I noticed the insane amount of detail on the exterior, particularly the nativity facade which depicts the birth and early life of Jesus in chronological order. The turquoise doors add a pop of colour to the otherwise drab exterior, giving a hint of what's inside...

Even though I've never stepped into a church until my 20's, La Sagrada Familia is unlike any church I've been in. Instead of over the top Christian imagery, the interior is minimalistic with just one depiction of Christ and is largely influenced by nature instead with motifs like pillars resembling trees.

For whatever reason, most churches tend to be very dim, La Sagrada Familia is the only one that let's so much light in, you almost feel like you're outside. The stained glass windows spills out a rainbow of light throughout the room giving an iridescent glow to the organs.

We paid extra to take the lift up one of the towers to check out the view but honestly didn't think much of it. Perhaps skip out on paying the extra cash until the building is complete.

You can skip the line by booking a timed ticket in advance on the official Sagrada Familia website.

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