August 28, 2016

Makeup Rehab | The Anti Wishlist #1

The anti-wishlist is inspired by Kimberly Clark's Anti-Haul videos. The vlogging/blogging world is often described as being over-saturated with beauty gurus, all claiming that we need the newest makeup launch in order to make money off of affiliate links. Kimberly's Anti-Haul series has made her one of the few vlogger's I trust. Her message to stop mindlessly spending money on the latest hyped product and adding to the hysteria sets her aside from the rest. So instead of listing everything that I feel the need to impulse buy, I'm scrutinising everything on my wishlist in order to prevent me from buying all of the things.

Christian Louboutin Loubilaque Glosses (Source)

I'm a sucker for pretty packaging and the Loubilaque range's mermaid scales on a potion vial made me feel the need to drop £60 on lipglosses! Since lusting after this, I seem to have started wearing lipglosses more but ultimately, there is no such thing as  long lasting lipgloss. If anything, lipglosses tend to shorten the longevity of lipstick. Also, now that I've tried out a Christian Louboutin nail polish and come to the conclusion that it's not amazing enough to justify the price tag, I expect I'll experience the same with these glosses.

MAC Star Trek Collection

MAC has always been that brand that I love to hate. However, out of all the things on this list, this is the most difficult to resist. Despite being unable to claim myself as a Star Trek fan, I certainly have a lot of respect for it's cultural significance. While it's easy to dismiss the range as being nothing but a glitterbomb, the idea of shimmery/metallic lipsticks are intriguing. Unfortunately, all lip swatches I've seen online seem to be patchy and uneven. So I'm going to wait until these are in store to swatch them myself. If I'm lucky, they'll all be sold out by the time I manage to do that.

Kat Von D Serpentina Palette (Source)

Jewelled toned palettes are beautiful. So beautiful I already own quite a few and they all seem to have the same eyeshadow colours. A dark blue, dark green, dark red and gold along with other miscellaneous shadows. While I love the Egyptian theme of the palette, none of these shadows are particularly unique. I'm also put off by the fact that the palette isn't just a row of shadows. The loose pigment at the end feels like a waste of space as I feel as though there would have been enough space to fit two shadows there.
Kat Von D & Too Faced Collaboration (Source)

I feel bad mentioning two of Kat Von D's items, especially as I do genuinely love most items in her line. I also love the fact that two brands are actually collaborating with each other, something I don't think we've seen in the past. The magnetic heart packaging with it's contradictory pink princess vs dark goth aesthetic instantly makes me think of friendship necklaces which seems perfectly fit for a brand collaboration.

However, once I saw the inside of the packaging, I felt underwhelmed, with a bunch of neutrals and the odd pink and red shade it seemed uninspired. The logo on either sides of the palettes feel like wasted opportunity for another eyeshadow.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Palette

Despite longevity issues with Urban Decay's Revolution lipstick line, I loved the packaging and was sad to see them go. While I was very curious to try a new Vice lipstick, the packaging seemed flimsier and I was overwhelmed by choice. Urban Decay announcing 2 different lip palettes for Christmas season seems like the perfect solution to my dilemma. Nope.

I never use lip palettes, they just get ignored. It's so much easier for me to pick up a lipstick and throw it in my handbag than to carry both a lip palette and a lip brush. Cleaning the oil from lipsticks is tough and they can easily create a sticky mess in any bag. Lip brushes, while great for applying makeup perfectly or on someone else are impractical for everyday wear or on the go makeup.

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