August 11, 2016

Brand Roundup | Best of Nyx Cosmetics

2016, the year that NYX Cosmetics finally became easily available across the UK in major retailers like Boots and Selfridges. They seem to be a brand that's quite easy to buy in every other country, it's about time they finally made it here. NYX isn't a brand whose items I'd use for my daily face (with one exception). My favourite thing about NYX is that they're an affordable way to try out unconventional trends with an amazing range of products.

Color Mascara | When lots of brands began coming out with colourful mascara, it seemed as though it was only midrange and high end brands that were doing them. Knowing that I'd rarely ever wear them, I didn't want to spend that much money on something I'd wear to the occasional festival or night out. Thankfully NYX's only cost me £5.50. NYX's colour mascara comes in mint green, purples, coral, royal blue, pink and black. The only downside is that I find I have to really layer and pack the mascara on to make sure the colour applies on every lash.

Butter Lipsticks | The NYX butter lipsticks come in 22 different shades and are my all time favourite NYX product. While I've always been a matte lipstick woman, the butter lipsticks are the first to make me embrace the glossy satin finish. The plus side of the finish is that they're rather moisturising and feel more daytime/work appropriate than matte dark/berry lipsticks.  For an affordable satin finish lipstick, they're reasonably long lasting.

Vivid Bright Liners | The vivid bright range provides eyeliners in all the colours of the rainbow and 2 pinks. I currently only own the red eyeliner, Fire. It's rather opaque but if you skim on the product you'll definitely need to layer it. It's not waterproof which means the tips of my wings fade during hay fever season. They're a great alternative to Lime Crime's uniliners and a better price. Stopping myself from catching them all has been a struggle.

Jumbo Pencil in Milk | The holy grail item that everyone mentions. Milk makes an excellent white base for any troublesome eyeshadows, especially pastels or the usual culprit colour, yellow! It's a must for bright colourful eye makeup, the white base really helps make the colour pop. Best to skip if you dislike bright makeup.

Macaron Lippies | I don't consider the macaron lippies (review) to be a great product. The quality is seriously lacking in most shades. You'll find yourself layering the lipsticks for pigmentation and it fades quickly. They still deserve an honourable mention for being one of the first drugstore brands to release unconventional lip colours.

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