August 14, 2016

Beauty | Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin Nail Polish

Now that I've managed to stop spending my lunch breaks in a beauty hall, I've drastically cut the number of beauty spending sprees I go on. The downside is, that on the rare occasion I do splurge on makeup, the purchases are overly frivolous. After finishing up a bottle of red nail polish, I made the irrational decision to pick up one of the most expensive bottles of nail polishes out there, Christian Louboutin's Rouge Louboutin. Yes, I judge me too.

With a black ombre glass bottle and a handle inspired by calligraphy, the same length as the stiletto heels of Louboutin's shoes, the polish is unlike any other on the market. The long handle makes storage impractical, it's better suited as a display piece for the dressing table. The length of the handle makes for easy application but is slightly heavy. For better control, I had to grip close to the brush.

Rouge Louboutin is a bright in your face red. One that perfectly matches the iconic black and red shoe. The formula dries down surprisingly quickly so I managed to not mess up my nails as they dried down. While it is quite a chip-resistant polish, I found it begins to chip away around the 4th day without a top coat. Despite the decent formula, I wouldn't say it's so good it's worth the price point ($50 in the US or £36 in the UK). You're paying the extra buck for the brand and luxury packaging. Whether that's worth it is going to vary per individual.

Will I be buying another? Maybe. As lovely as they are I don't quite see myself collecting them all with my current income. If I bought another it would have to be a truly unique shade or one that I knew I'd get a lot of use of. In the meanwhile, I have several other nail polishes to use up before I even consider trying a new one.

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