August 21, 2016

Beauty | Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Very Victoria

When the matte revolution line launched, I was at the Charlotte Tilbury stall swatching the entire collection's lipsticks all over my wrist debating which one's to buy. Very Victoria seemed like the safest bet, guaranteed to make a decent everyday nude lipstick appropriate for work. After finally making the purchase and taking obligatory blog photos, I tried it on my lips and found myself disappointed.

Very Victoria, named after Victoria Beckham, is described as a suede taupe nude lipstick. For a matte lipstick, I felt that the lipstick only provided a sheer coverage on my naturally dark lips. Either that or Very Victoria happens to be the exact same colour as my lips. It makes me feel as though I'm not wearing any lipstick at all. I certainly wouldn't describe the finish as matte but more along the lines of a satin finish. You may have better luck with this if your lips are lighter than mine? To make matters worse, it doesn't seem to last particularly long without the help of a lip liner.

While I thought it was in my head, I'd keep coming back to this lipstick every few months and just feel so 'meh'  about it. My suspicions on it being off was confirmed during the release of Charlotte Tilbury's Hot Lips release, where Very Victoria was no longer classed as part of the Matte Revolution line but was now part of the Hot Lips collection.

Aside from the gorgeous packaging, the only real pro to Very Victoria is that it's an exact dupe to that Kylie Jenner lipstick everyone was obsessing over a while ago. A cruelty-free alternative to MAC.

Of all my Charlotte Tilbury purchases, this left me incredibly unsatisfied. It'll more than likely get passed on to someone else who'll appreciate it. With a price tag of £23, I learned the difficult lesson of not relying on arm swatches alone and to wear the product before parting with my money in future.

Have you tried any disappointing products recently?

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  1. Hey there! I wish I had stumbled upon your review before I made my purchase. I have been struggling to make this work too! I wish I had purchased a deeper shade instead. ;) Thanks for the review.