March 20, 2016

Makeup Rehab | Pan That Palette Tips

I genuinely have no idea how we're already a quarter of the way through 2016. I'm in the middle of my most successful no buy and have managed to not make any makeup purchases this year. Instead of keeping my eye out on the beauty industry's latest offering, my eye is on my own clutter with hopes of downsizing the collection via ebay and finishing up a few products.

The biggest hurdle is the mountain of eyeshadow that'll take another lifetime to finish. Currently it's one of the most difficult things to part with so I've been taking part in r/makeuprehab's pan that palette challenge instead. I'm currently working on my 2nd palette and I've been making progress a lot faster than my first. So here are a few tips on successfully completing your first pan that palette challenge.

1. Start small
Try to start with a palette that has less product. It might seem easier to start off with a quad. Personally it drove me insane and I found it limiting and moved to a palette with more shadows but smaller eyeshadow pans. While panning you'll realise that just because it's better value for money paying for 2g of shadow per pan instead of 1g, doesn't mean you should as it takes a lifetime to use up.

2. One eyeshadow at a time
Instead of randomly choosing different eyeshadows each day, focus on an eyeshadow you want to use up and try to incorporate that shadow in all your looks for a certain period of time. You'll be making a dent in the shadow faster and seeing the progress will motivate you to carry on.

3. Set Goals
The main hurdle with pan that palette challenges is the idea of using the same palette for so long. Especially when you have so many others that need to be used. Instead of limiting yourself, set a goal of using it just 3/4 times a week.

4. Think Outside The Box
Just because it's eyeshadow doesn't mean you have to use it on the eyes. Pinks and peaches can double up as blushers. White shimmery shadows could be used to highlight your cheek, not just your brow bone. It is possible to use bright shadows as Dark shadows pair well with eyeliner, particularly on the lower lashline area and even make decent eyeliner replacements. If you have dark hair you could use them on your brows. I've managed to use a dark plummy shadow on my brows in the past as the purple tones didn't show at all once actually on the skin.

5. Layer eyeshadows
The one drawback of eyeshadow palettes is that there'll be at least that one eyeshadow you can't stand. There is no palette out there where every eyeshadow complements every skin tone. When in doubt, finish the offending shadow by layering it with others. 

6. Take photos!
It seems over the top but photos are the best way to record your progress. Whenever you're feeling cynical and feel that it's not going anywhere, refer back to your photos to compare the palette to back when you started off.

7. Lacking inspiration? Lookup reviews & tutorials specific to your palette
Instead of checking out that new palette every beauty blogger ever is currently raving about, research the palette you already have. Create a pinterest board for that palette so you can refer to it whenever you lack inspiration. Even if a look wasn't created using a specific palette, you could still pin looks with very similar colours to the palette in question.

Hopefully that was helpful to some, happy panning!


  1. I wish you Good Luck getting through those eye shadows! Some of the advice is useful for other hordeish situations. (Is that even a Word? )

  2. That's so fast. Wow! Good job. Anyways, thanks for the tips. I'll keep that in mind. 😃