March 22, 2016

Holy Grail Beauty | An Apology To Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner

Almost a year ago I compared my drugstore, midrange and luxury eyeliners against each other. In that review I may have bashed my Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. I couldn't get it to work. Fast forward a few months later and  after finishing up all of my liquid liners, I ended up picking up the one eyeliner I was so sure I would never purchase again!

When I first used the eyeliner, it was a big watery mess. Instead of a black line, I would get clear liquid with random clouds of black. Needless to say, it was impossible for me to use. My frustration with the liner grew with each raving review that I read.

What was I missing? After turning to the almighty Google, I found my fix that changed everything. Instead of storing the liquid liner felt tip side upwards, it needed to be stored downward. A simple solution that I wouldn't have ever thought of. The result, one of the blackest liquid liners I've ever used.

So what made it Holy Grail worthy? The eyeliner isn't just a felt tip eyeliner, it's actually a brush. Which means that the liner doesn't dry up as quickly and lasts longer. Out of all the different eyeliners I used up, Kat Von D's the trooper liner lasted months longer than the rest. The brush also allows you to do very fine and precise lines which is great for those less daring who just want a thin line of liner or those of us who prefer to experiment with different styles of graphic eyeliner.

The major drawbacks to the liner is the price and lack of availability. Originally Kat Von D's range was only available in the US Sephora but is slowly becoming more available in other countries like Australia, UAE and Spain. At $19 it's not the most affordable but it's still cheaper than some midrange and high end alternatives. Personally, eyeliner is that one part of my makeup routine that I feel somewhat naked without and am happy to spend that extra bit of money on. 

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