March 27, 2016

Beauty | Makeup Revolution Mermaids VS Unicorns Palette

If you hadn't heard about Makeup Revolution when it first launched, that would be quite the accomplishment. I don't think there was a single beauty blogger or makeup addict that wasn't talking about it. The brand had so many dupes for so many cult beauty products at drugstore prices. It was so tempting to pick up a good 20+ items on my first order but in the end, the one item I picked up by them wasn't even a dupe of a well known makeup item (as far as I'm aware).

The palette has 12 pans with one half of them filled with mermaid blues and greens and the other half is filled with what is meant to be unicorn shades. While the blues and greens are what sold the palette to me, I find some of the mermaid shadows to be a bit too similar to each other. Aside from the pinky purple shadows I find the selection of 'unicorn' shadows a bit odd, especially as they're generally quite dark shadows but I find they make the palette more wearable than more bright shadows would have done. 

The shadows are surprisingly pigmented for a drugstore palette. I was genuinely impressed by the quality when I first swatched the palette. It even translates reasonably well on the lids as long as you use an eye primer and are patient enough to build the colour on to the lids. To really make the colours pop, I'd reccomend using a white base like NYX's Jumbo pencil in white or Urban Decay's Eden eye primer.

I'm surprised by how much I actually liked this palette. It's not perfect but because it's so affordable at £4, I can't fault it. It's been a real struggle not to buy a ton more Makeup Revolution palettes (especially their chocolate palette range) but until I use up a few palettes, I will have to resist for now. 

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