March 08, 2016

Beauty | LA Splash Studioshine Lip Lustre in Tiana

Some time last year LA Splash went viral for their Disney and Harry Potter liquid lipstick lines and of course, I couldn't help but get reeled right in. Eventually, they gained enough attention that they were forced to change the names of the liquid lipsticks as they weren't officially licensed with Disney and Warner Bros. Luckily, I managed to come across some of the liquid lipsticks that still had the original names during my US travels and picked two, Belle and Tiana.

From online swatches, I can't say Tiana, now called Selene, interested me at all. However when I got to play with it in store I couldn't help myself. I'm guilty of having way too many purple lipsticks but Tiana is one of the more unique purples out there. Although it seems like a pinky purple in the tube, it's very plum when applied on the lips. Once it dries down and mattifies, you're left with a slight sheen to it.

LA Splash's packaging isn't particularly inspiring. There are a lot of liquid lipsticks out there that seem to be sold in the same tube. The doe foot applicator feels cheaper compared to some of the other liquid lipsticks I own. It's too thin/weak and feels ready to snap when applying.

To make sure this sits well on the lips without flaking off, avoid layering and applying too much. As far as liquid lipstick formulas go, this is definitely on the drier side but I think these may be the most long wearing liquid lipsticks I've yet to try. They're so durable and budge proof you need something oil based to remove them from your lips. Naturally, you'll want to avoid and oil based food if you didn't want to retouch. 

LA Splash liquid lipsticks are £9.99 in the UK or $14 in the US


  1. What a gorgeous colour! It is quite out there but when it comes to bright lips, I do adore a lovely purple shade to add a little something to a plain make-up look.

    Great review x

    Aliya x | |

  2. I really like the look of this. It's very you. ^_^