February 09, 2016

Travel | Dubai Miracle & Butterfly Garden

Over the new year, I managed to escape the grim British weather with a flight to Dubai. Winter is probably the most expensive time of year to visit as the weather is in the comfortable 20s and I'm not the only genius with the bright idea to escape winter weather. As my family lives there and I've visited so many times, I decided to check out their newer attractions including the Dubai Miracle Garden along with the butterfly garden that was close by.

The Dubai Miracle garden is a flower garden located on the outskirts of any of the other main tourist attractions in Dubai. The nearest landmark I can think of would be Motorcity. It is said to have over 45 million flowers. In typical Dubai fashion, 72,000 square meter garden holds the record for world's largest flower garden. It's a quirky alternative to your standard park.

As it is on the outskirts, I felt like I was surrounded by local residents with a few tourists here and there. Transportation is difficult without a car. However there are buses from Mall of the Emirates that take you there.

You could just take a brief walk around, enjoying the view or you could spend the whole day there. Sitting and relaxing on the swinging chairs, peacock benches or bean bags with a bit of ice cream from the vendors to enjoy while people watching. There's a good variety of food there, don't think you'll get away with bringing in your own. Be careful not to step on the grass or flowers though, or one of the many guards will start whistling at you to move!

The Miracle gardens are shut during summer as the temperature easily reaches over 50C making it impossible to both maintain the garden and be outdoors for more than 2 seconds without breaking into sweat. As I suspect the plants die each year, there tends to be slightly different displays each year too.

As the sun set and it became a bit cooler, we made our way towards the Butterfly Garden.

The Dubai Butterfly Garden was a short 5 minute walk from the Miracle Gardens, depending on which of the 3 exits you take.  Each time my family has visited, the price has been higher and higher. During this trip, it cost 50 AED per person.

The Butterfly garden is said to be the largest indoor butterfly garden and it homes 15,000 butterflies from 26 different species. It is essentially 3 large domes all connected to each other along with the entrance, forming a ring.

It's surprising how...unpleasant it first was to have giant insects flying past you. There were even a few kids who were in tears as they were too creeped out by them. It took a while for me to get used to as they were everywhere! Most butterflies weren't of the colourful variety. The most disappointing thing to me was that there was nothing unique between each dome, making it feel repetitive. It may as well have just been one large tunnel.

Similar to the Miracle Garden, how little or long you spend in there, depends on you. You could easily walk through the whole thing in 5/10 minutes, or you could sit down in the little net huts waiting for a butterfly or two to land on you.

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