February 07, 2016

Lush Sex Bomb Bath Bomb

While I did pick up quite a few Lush bath bombs at the Oxford Street store, Sex Bomb never caught my eye. This was actually a small treat from family that I enjoyed when visiting home.

When you sniff the bath bomb, the scent is very subtle compared to most others. Only once it's immersed in water does the scent hit you, with hints of jasmine, ylang ylang, clary sage. According to the lovely Lush Ladies, Sex Bomb is meant to get you 'in the mood' but I can't attest to that.

As the bath bomb dissolves, it forms a cloud of pink that slowly spreads around the tub. It's a good one to try out if you're not keen on glitter. Unlike Ylang Song which had real petals surprise you and stayed in the tub, Sex Bomb unleashes an odd oily fake pink flower whose petals separate around the bath. I wish they eventually dissolved into the rest of the water as I really didn't like them and felt it cheapened the experience. I would have preferred real petals and ended up using some for bath time. 

Out of all bath bombs, this is the only bath bomb I've used whose scent lingered on my skin for so long.

Sex Bomb is available at all Lush Stores for £3.50 each.

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