February 21, 2016

Beauty | Does Too Faced Love Flush Blush Last 16 Hours?

It's about time Too Faced makeup was more readily available in the UK. They've had an obscure presence where they'd have a stand in Boots that was never stocked with none of their new releases ever making it's way into the country, unless you bought them from certain online stores. Their ultra feminine packaging and their stellar reputation in the US has always intrigued me.

While Too Faced's Sweetheart blush was on my wishlist for the longest time, I had to pick up one of the new Love Flush blushes when they came out. Blushes have always been the first thing to fade off my oily skin. With the claim of lasting 16 hours, it was worth trying.

The heart shaped packaging reminds me of the old school Polly Pockets from my childhood. Considering how the 90s has been 'on trend' for a while, I wouldn't be surprised if it was intentional. The colours of the hearts match up to the blush shade inside the compact, making me want to collect all six shades. While the bunny design is undeniably adorable, it made it very difficult to break into.

The compact is very secure, with no risk of the compact randomly opening in your makeup bag. The only downside is that it's so secure it's a little tricky to open as it has a tiny latch for those of us with bigger hands.

As I was looking for an everyday blush that I could use, I decided to pick up Baby Love. It's a soft dusty nude with very fine gold sparkle. The sparkle doesn't show up on the skin and is mostly in the pan. It's so subtle that I didn't even notice it until after using it for a few weeks.

The formula is easily one of the softest blushes I've tried and is quite easy to blend without any streakiness to it. I'd say the blush lasted over 8 hours on my skin. I found the blush lasted very well throughout a working day. I could still notice a bit of colour on my cheeks at the end of the day, something no other blush has ever managed to accomplish. So while the blush doesn't live up to the 16 hours claim, it's still a long-lasting blush. One of the best ones I've tried and I personally don't really see a need for a blush lasting much longer than that.

The most irritating thing about Too Faced is the massive difference in price. Despite the fact that these have become more accessible in the UK, I picked mine up in the US for $26. In the UK, it costs £25! 


  1. You are right, the packaging DOES look like a polly pocket! I'm in love with their palettes, but haven't tried much else from Too Faced, I must branch out!