February 18, 2016

Adventures In Dye | Manic Panic's Amplified Electric Lizard

The fact that I made the switch from blue dye to green isn't news. I'm unsure what happened but during my lunch break at work, I decided I fancied mixing up my colour and headed to the store with purple in mind. Somehow, I ended up picking up neon green instead, manic panic's electric lizard!

Left - Fresh Dye
Right -  Over 1 Month Without Retouching

I used Electric Lizard over a very washed out and pale blue base. The ends of my hair had been bleached 4 times prior to the blue. To move from blue to green I used Scott Cornall's Decolour Stripper as recommended by Jayne. There was a bit of an ombre effect at the ends as the deep rockabilly blue dye didn't fade that much but it lightened the hair enough for the green to take well.

Squeezing the dye out of the bottle was a little time consuming, especially as I wanted a large amount of it in my bowl. So I ended up unscrewing the tap and squeezing it out from there instead. While the squeeze bottle has enough for very grown out dip dye, I'd be surprised if I got more than 2 uses of the dye if I used it all over my head.

Manic Panic dyes are semi-permanent, meaning they don't contain harmful chemicals. The natural vegan dye just sits on top of the hair unlike permanent dyes, which tend to contain ammonia and require peroxide to penetrate and bond with the hair shaft. After lathering the dye all over my ends and waiting for the 30 minutes to be over, I found my hair felt very soft while washing the dye out. It's meant to work like a conditioner, although it's not going to fix any damage I did with the amount I ended up bleaching my hair. Nonetheless, my hair indefinitely felt soft after washing out the dye.

Once dried, I was left with very neon green hair that had a natural glow to it. It was only after I had dyed it that I realised that the dye was also UV reactive! After 1 wash, the colour tends to stick well enough but I find from the second wash onwards you'll notice your hair to lose it's neonness (that's a real word right?). This didn't bother me as I knew Manic Panic dyes have a reputation for washing out very quickly. I prefer to have the option to change my colour quickly, especially if a dye I decide to experiment with goes wrong. Over a month later and after several washes, I found my neon green had faded to a lovely pastel lime.

The plus side of switching from blue dye to green is that it doesn't stain as much. I no longer need to worry about my dye staining the shower, the table, the walls, the door... you see what I'm getting at here, just about anything it touches! Including my own damn skin!

The major drawback with Manic Panic is the price. Whether you're in the US or the UK, it's one of the more expensive brands and sells for almost £12 in the UK. Although the regular manic panic tubs are slightly more affordable at £10. I can't comment on how well the amplified version compares to the normal manic panic tubs. If you're looking for a dye that will wash out and give you the flexibility to experiment like me, I would say it's worth paying the extra buck for.

Should any other fellow makeup addicts take the plunge and go green, check out my Electric Lizard Pinterest board for makeup inspiration!

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