January 03, 2016

Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb

Out of all of Lush's bath bomb range, Intergalactic seems to be the most talked about among beauty bloggers. After visiting the Oxford Street store, this blue bath bomb with bits of white, pink and yellow piqued my curiosity.

The moment you place the bath bomb into the water, the blue disperses across the water. While most of it is blue, you get small swirls of white, pink and yellow as it carries on fizzing. After all the foam disappears, you're left with blue water with flecks of gold everywhere. Intergalactic felt like it took a little longer than some of the other bath bombs I've used. 

Intergalactic includes cedarwood and vetivert oil, along with a strong dose of peppermint. Leaving the tub, I found myself smelling minty and covered in glitter. Even after drying myself down, I was surprised to find the insides of my clothing covered in gold glitter.

While I did enjoy Intergalactic and all it's glitter glory, I don't think I'd repurchase. I felt underwhelmed with the overall colour and experience. The light streaks of colour was disappointing. I had hoped for more rainbow goodness from it and personally it didn't deliver.

You can purchase Intergalactic for £3.95 from any Lush store.


  1. Looks lovely!
    Happy New Year!

  2. i just follow your blog<3

  3. I understand what you mean by the colour payoff of this, but I love the scent of it so damn much and the glitter that I just can't not buy this time after time. :)