January 10, 2016

Black Friday, Christmas & Dubai Haul

As we enter the new year, I've made the same promise to myself that every makeup addict makes. Spend less money on makeup. It's embarrassing to admit how difficult it's been and we've only barely passed the first week of 2016. So instead of obsessing over what I want to buy, I'm appreciating what I already own by sharing my recent purchases.

Black Friday Weekend 
I had good intentions during Black Friday weekend and planned to not partake. A Selfridges e-mail with a discount code totally wrecked that for me. I decided to not go crazy and only picked up 2 beauty items. Illamasqua's skin base foundation, which I had run out of, and their contour kit for the makeup kit.

Then I made the mistake of reading Jayne's piece on alternative/indie companies with black friday offers on. I had one look at the Glitterbomb jewellery website and bought a few necklaces for myself. The sailor moon necklaces and the mad hatter are easily the most unique and quirky bits of jewellery in my little collection.

Coming from a family that doesn't celebrate Christmas, I don't receive many gifts. Usually, it's just one, from my partner. Our gifts usually aren't a surprise and we're very upfront about what we would like. We ask what's something frivolous you want to buy but haven't treated yourself to? For me it was Urban Decay's limited edition spectrum eyeshadow palette this year, which I didn't even think would land on UK shores at all. This palette is almost too beautiful to use but I've been lusting after Deep End (turquoise) for a lifetime and a half. So it will be very loved. 

During my Christmas and New Year break I flew home to see family. After hearing that Kat Von D had launched in Sephora Middle East, I obviously had to stop by and pick up a few more liquid lipsticks. I picked up 3, the ever so raved about Lolita, Lovesick & Mother. Technically, I picked these up before the new year, so I can say I've been a good girl this year. I won't lie, the only reason I managed to stop myself from picking up more was because they didn't have certain shades in stock.

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