January 12, 2016

7 Highlights From 2015

I'm rather late to the 'let's reflect on the past year now that it's 2016' party. As I was away during New Years with family, there wasn't that much reflecting going on. 2015 was a great year for me, especially after 2 years of financial uncertainty, stability has been a huge relief. So here is an admittedly filtered list of 7 highlights from 2015...that I'm actually ok with sharing on the internet.

1. I bit the bullet and dyed my hair an unprofessional hair colour.
It's probably a bit sad that dyeing my hair is kind of a big deal. However, as someone who's never done anything to their hair ever...not even added bangs, it was kind of terrifying. Coming from a conservative family, bleach was the devil and would fry all your hair off. Also good hair determines how marriageable a female is. Having bleached the hell out of my hair, I've managed to escape that mentality. What's the big deal? It's hair, worst case scenario, it'll grow back...probably. 

2. I passed my makeup exams and although I've yet to hand in my coursework...

3. I've gotten over my fear of applying makeup on other people.
I've been asked several times by several people to do their makeup for them for important events. I've always said no. Just because I kind of know what I'm doing to my own face (and even then, half the time I'm winging it) doesn't mean I'll do anywhere near a decent job working on your face. After passing my makeup exam, I'm 100x more confident with my skills.

4. My temporary positionat work during the evenings turned into a 2 year contract on days
AKA normal civilised human working hours. Not working evenings has also meant I've been able to marginally save what little social life I have left after years of forever being at work for any social gathering. This financial security has also meant that...

5. I got to travel to a country I've never visited before & fell in love with it while

6. Getting a taste of solo travel.
While I travelled a lot in 2015, most places were cities or countries I had previously visited. Germany was new territory and I'm surprised by how much I loved it. I really want to go back on a train tour around the country. While I visited a friend in Dresden, I explored Berlin by myself. The experience was terrifying but liberating. Being in a rather codependent relationship too, I felt like I had regained some independence by going solo.

7. Last but not least, I was privileged enough to meet a woman who inspires me, Alex Box.
Admittedly, it was only for a very brief moment in time. After attending a talk we all got the opportunity to get a photo with the speakers. I left the talk thinking she wasn't anything like I expected her to be. Super down to earth and just...cool in every single way imaginable.  

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