December 13, 2015

Lush Star Dust Christmas Bath Bomb

Winter in the UK is pretty grim, which makes it impossible to get decent photos of almost anything! By the time I reach work the sun has yet to come out and when I'm home it's already sunset. So prepare for a few months of not a lot of content! Anyway, it's December and I've treated myself to another reading session in the tub, accompanied by a Lush bath bomb.

Of all the Christmas bath bombs, Star Dust looked like the least exciting one. Which is exactly why I picked it up. Ylang Song seemed plain on the exterior but had a green surprise in it, so naturally I needed to find out what the big deal was with Star Dust.

The downside of a star shaped bath bomb, is that it's difficult for it to maintain the perfect shape. By the time I finally got around to using it, it had lost a bit of powder and was slightly damaged. Definitely not a gift to give to a perfectionist.

Ultimately though, the shape of it doesn't matter. What happens to it once you finally drop it into the water? It instantly fizzes with white foam, misleading you into thinking that's all there is. After a few seconds, it oozes out a hint of blue, leaving the grey water with a glittery tint of blue. And last but not least, tiny colourful stars float to the surface.

The bath bomb smells mostly of vanilla. I didn't really pay much attention to the scent though as it wasn't particularly unique. It also includes rosewood oil and bergamot oil although I couldn't really smell them.

In the end, I probably wouldn't repurchase this. I was merely curious to know what was hidden within stardust. If you were interested in picking up Star Dust as a gift during Christmas, it's not an Oxford Street exclusive and can be purchased anywhere for £2.95 until the Christmas season is over.


  1. I've just bought these to add to a Christmas hamper for my friends...thinking of wrapping them up in some cellophane with star sequins to jazz it up!bit was good to know what was on the inside :)

  2. I might pick this up for how cheap it is, just to give it a go myself. ^_^