December 17, 2015

Birmingham Christmas Markets

Within minutes of Halloween ending, it seems as though every retail store began shoving Christmas in all of our faces, pushing the 'Buy! Buy! Buy!' mentality of the season. Coffee houses began serving their Christmas drinks which filled all our Instagram feeds. Lush Christmas collection? Christmas parades? Christmas Lights? Meh to all I say. Once the Frankfurt Christmas Market opens, that's when I officially accept Christmas is here.

During my university years, I never 'got' the Christmas markets. Mostly because I was too tight with the little money I had. Now that I'm a 'real' adult that and can afford such frivolity. These days I really appreciate them, as the Christmas lights, the ice rink and Ferris Wheel seriously improves the atmosphere of the otherwise short and grim winter days.

There are plenty of stalls to pick up Christmas decorations or Christmas gifts but as per usual, my focus has always been on the food. Particularly the 1/2 meter long hot dogs. One of these years, I plan on braving the unusual reindeer and ostrich burgers.

I won't lie though, the real reason I love the Christmas markets is all the deserts. From crepes, to churros (you know, 'authentic' German food), Berliner doughnuts, chocolates, Marshmallows coated in chocolate, Sweets and candy, there's something to satisfy my sugar craving only a few steps away from work.

The Christmas market is currently in it's last week and runs until the 22nd of December.

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