November 22, 2015

Tom Ford's Viper Nail Lacquer for Autumn

I don't think I've ever looked at a Tom Ford nail polish. Each time I stop by a Tom Ford counter, I seem to only look at their lipsticks without considering anything else. Simply because they're price tags have always been outside my comfort zone. I've been close to parting with my money several times but reason has always stopped me. I've been lucky enough to receive a Tom Ford lipstick as a Christmas gift last year. This year, I was lucky again when my mother decided to gift me a nail polish in my favourite colour.

Let's start with the packaging, I never thought I'd ever see the day a nail polish bottle would make my Illamasqua bottles look so bland in comparison. The gold plating on the cap gives the polish a sophisticated finish.

It was disappointing to find that one coat leaves your nails with a sheer and uneven coverage. Two improves the situation, but ultimately you'll find yourself applying 3 layers of polish for both decent coverage and an even application.

Viper is a black violet shade. Depending on the lighting, Viper will either lean black or violet. As nice as black nail polish is, it can be quite harsh to wear and I find the purple offsets the harshness.

The plus side of 3 coats of polish is, I found I had 0 chipping problems. Viper remained perfect on my nails for almost a week without the use of a top coat.

While I wouldn't spend £27 on a Tom Ford nail polish for myself, it does make for a beautiful gift and could see myself gifting one to somebody else.

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