November 20, 2015

Lush The Experimenter Bath Bomb

The experimenter is one of several new Lush Oxford Street exclusive items. After much umm-ing and ah-in at the bath bomb selection in store, I settled on a few. Including, Ylang Song, the Experimenter, Intergalactic and Frozen. Out of all four, the Experimenter seems to be the most talked and raved about.

The bath bomb is a combination of purple, pink, white, yellow and blue, creating a rainbow of colour the moment it touches water. According to the lovely Lush ladies in store, each time you use the Experimenter, you get a different pattern each time.

The experimenter contains popping candy causing it to make a popping noise while it fizzes. It also has vetivert oil, vanilla absolute and tonka absolute. Leaving the tub with a subtle musty scent.

Once the fizz dissolves completely, you're left with a tub of what I think is meant to be lilac but ends up looking quite grey. A disappointing end considering the rainbow of colour you first get. While the fizzing process is fun, the Experimenter leaves you with a rather meh experience by the end of it. 

If you're not up for a trip to London, you can order the Experimenter online for £3.95 each.

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