November 04, 2015

Life Lately | October

This is the first October, I seemed to have actually noticed and appreciated autumn. I've somehow managed to never notice yellow, orange and red leaves everywhere during the last 5/6 years of being in the UK. 

It's been a long time since I picked up a book and just couldn't put it down. A Thousand Splendid Suns, the sequel to the Kite Runner, is not a light read and easily dampened my mood this month. At the same time, it made me grateful for everything I have in my life and made my count my blessings. My job, my partner, my family, my education, the fact that I can afford a roof over my head. Just everything!

At the start of the month, I got sent down to London for work. After my commitments, I checked out the ever so raved about new Lush store (while seeking shelter from the rain), because damn, how could a shop really garner so much hype amongst beauty bloggers? What's the big deal? As a cynic, I was pleasantly surprised. Staff were even friendlier than other branches and the Oxford Street exclusive items are what made it worth the trip.

Halloween night was a bit quieter this month. For the first time ever, I actually tried my hand at pumpkin carving! I got a little too enthusiastic trying it as Halloween was never a big deal during my childhood. After a bit of baking we binge watched the entire Netflix Scream TV show. Which wasn't the plan, I just can't help myself with murder mysteries, and HAVE to know who did it.

October has been a frustrating month. I have no future plans and no idea where I'm heading. Each time I try to organise something, plans never seem to quite pull through. Or there are a lot we might do this, might not, only time will tell. It's been really difficult to accept that I can't do anything to make sure plans pull through.

In other news, I've mixed things up with my hair a little, and just gone full on neon/slimey green:

To get this colour, I mixed up Manic Panic's Electric Banana with a teensy bit of Electric Lizard since I has so much blue leftover in my hair. Both dyes are UV reactive which has amused me a bit too much. Most comments on the new hair has been "it's very Halloween-y". Despite that, the plans are for the colour to stay a while in November. At least until I'm bored before returning to peacock shades.

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