November 01, 2015

First Attempt at Sugarskull Makeup

I tend to get a bit irritated with myself each Halloween. My brain goes on overdrive with possible ideas but when it comes down to it, I struggle to ever deliver those ideas. For one, I don't have the time. Work is the main thing to blame but when you combine that with the face that we get so few daylight hours during this time of the year, taking photos become impossible.

Then there's always the face that a lot of things never turn out the way I had planned or imagined it. I suppose this just comes down to the fact that all these Youtubers, Instagrammers and Makeup Artists just make it look so easy. Sugar skulls have always seemed like a simple enough thing to do, paint your face white and throw on some fancy designs over it. Experimenting with a new medium (face paint in this case), and expecting things to turn out perfectly was silly of me. 

Ultimately all I can do is carry on practising and getting used to these face paints. Maybe plan a few Halloween bits a while in advance next year too. Fingers crossed. next year I'll finally get it together and do a better job. I definitely plan on retrying a sugar skull face next year too!

Products Used
Mehron Black and White face paints
Urban Decay Electric Palette shadows in Urban and Jilted

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