October 04, 2015

Sephora Disney Reigning Beauties Ariel Compact Mirror

It feels like just yesterday I was moaning about not being able to pick up any pieces from the Sephora Disney Little Mermaid collection. Luckily the dark times of Sephora items being exclusive to the US are gone and Sephora has finally started international shipping to the UK! So when Sephora announced they would be collaborating with Disney again this Holiday season to launch six ornate compact mirrors, I was pretty stoked. Even though I know I don't need more makeup, if they had came out with makeup items, I would have given in to temptation. Why? Because...Disney!

Do I really need to explain why I love the mirror? The metal overlay with a clear top to protect the image of Ariel surrounded in bubbles, yearning to be part of that human world with Eric's ship in the background. The compact has mirrors on both side, with one zooming in closer than the other. It's the handiest purchase I may have made in my life and has made permanent residence in my handbag so I no longer need to keep asking people if my face has makeup smeared all over it and saves several trips to the bathroom just to make sure.

The only thing I don't like about the mirror is that the bottom gets dirty quickly with fingerprints. Which isn't something that I can avoid! I'm also disappointed in Disney/Sephora as of all six that were released, none of the more ethnic princesses got a mirror. I would have loved a Jasmine or Mulan one! Tiana, Pocahontas and even Esmerelda would have been cool! It's extremely annoying that women of colour get swept under the rug this way. I particularly think Jasmine deserved one as she was one of the main 6 princesses back in the day.

At $32 each of these mirrors are unfortunately more expensive than the mirrors Sephora released in previous years ($20). Naturally, they are a bit of a collectors item. The Disney Reigning Beauties line is currently out of stock on Sephora. Since they've not been removed from the website though, I'd assume they will be restocking in the future. As it is Disney, they will sellout within a few hours with Ariel and Belle being the quickest so I'd recommend signing up for an e-mail notification to know when they're available again.


  1. I REALLY want this mirror! I looked at it when someone from America blogged about them recently. How much did it come to altogether with postage? :) I might ask for it as a Christmas/birthday pressie. :P


  2. Your photography skills and your photo layouts are amazing! I personally was not interested in this collection when it came out, because my top favorite princesses were not included. I hope they release the others later.