October 11, 2015

Lush Oxford Street Exclusive Ylang Song Bath Bomb

I think everyone has been raving about the new Lush store that's opened up on Oxford Street. Personally, I wasn't really getting what the big deal was. After all, a shop is a shop right? So when work sent me to London for a day, I figured I'd check it out. While Lush staff are notoriously friendly, the staff here just seemed extra friendly and I found myself leaving with a few Oxford Street exclusive bath bombs. 

While most Lush fans may be lured by the bright colours, the Ylang Song bath bomb is rather tame to the rest of the bath bombs on offer. With a humble white shell with nothing but a purple flower on top to intrigue, I was ready to pass this one over. The Ylang Song bath bomb contains rosewood, neroli oil and ylang ylang, providing a soft subtle fragrance. 

Don't be fooled though, the white exterior may seem unexciting, but you'll be surprised with the outcome! When you first plop it into the water, the bath bomb fizzes a white foam making it seem as bland as it's exterior. Suddenly, half way through the fizzing, a wave of bright green unleashes itself. As the bath bomb continues to fizz away, you'll be surprised by a bunch of petals appearing. As the petals are stored in a hollow centre, this bath bomb fizzes quite quickly. Blink and you'll miss the whole thing unravel.  

While the water is quite neon in my photo, it eventually pales as it disperses around the water without staining the bath. There's no glitter and there aren't too many petals, making for a simple clean up job afterwards. My only complaint is that the odor is almost too subtle and doesn't last all day on you like a few others can. 

The Ylang Song bath bomb retails only at Lush Oxford Street for £3.99 and isn't even available online

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