October 14, 2015

Berlin's East Side Gallery & The Berlin Wall Memorial

Of all the places on my Travel bucket list, Germany was never on it. Yet earlier this year, I suddenly felt the need to visit the country and just went with it. After a few days in Dresden, I took the train to Berlin to wander around on my first solo trip. Like every other tourist, the Berlin Wall on top of my list of things I had to experience.

East Side Gallery

The East Side gallery is conveniently located a minute walk away from the Berlin Ostbahnhof station. There isn't much information available on site but after the wall had finally been brought down, international painters were invited to paint on it. Transforming the wall that was known for dividing the city into a symbol of freedom.

You can take as much or little time with each piece of art along the 1.3km of wall. I found there was a lot of graffiti on top of each pieces of art which most may ignore. While they ruin the general aesthetic to the wall, it is interesting to see what visitors have written. Most messages are unintelligible, some stereotypical love messages and others political.

Memorial of the Berlin Wall

The next day, I made my way to the Memorial of the Berlin Wall, which was located in the Northern Mitte area. This time there was no pretty paintings to hide the ugly history behind the Wall. Imagining having friends and family on the other side of the wall with no way of crossing over in an age without any internet was a terrifying thought. Sadly, I visited the site quite late and missed checking out the museum and visitor's centre. 

While the East Side Gallery made for a fascinating walk, going there before checking out the Memorial diminished it's history. It wasn't until I visited the Memorial that I was able to take it in. Ultimately, it is worth visiting the two parts of the Wall, even if you've already visited just one. 

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  1. Very cool post! All of my family has visited Germany except me. I would like to go see it one day. Thanks for sharing your trip and sharing your knowledge.