October 16, 2015

5 Favourite Lipsticks this Autumn / Fall

I'm a big fan of wear what you want when you want. In fact, I have a tendency to wear dark lip colors in Summer/Spring and bright lipsticks during Autumn. As my lipstick collection has grown 5 times since my last 5 favourite Fall lip shades post, I thought I'd share my current favourite fall coloured lipsticks again.

LA Splash Tiana - MAC Heroine - Sephora Blackberry Sorbet - CT Birkin Brown - Tom Ford Black Dahlia

1. LA Splash StudioShine Waterproof Lip Lustre in Tiana
LA Splash's Disney themed collection went viral a month or two ago. Since then, Disney may have found out about them and the brand no longer names their items after Disney Princesses. Tiana has been renamed to Selene.  It's not your standard purple lipstick, it leans plum and for a twist, has a slight metallic finish to it. I find it's one of the most drying liquid lipsticks I've tried though and it can be quite difficult to purchase outside of the US. 

2. MAC Matte Lipstick in Heroine
The purple lipstick that began my purple lipstick addiction. This was my favourite purchase last year and still my favourite purple. The pink undertone makes it one that I can getaway with at work. If you're looking for a cruelty free alternative, Kat Von D's Susperia liquid lipstick is an exact dupe but in liquid lipstick form.

3. Sephora Lip Cream Stain in Blackberry Sorbet
Everyone loves a good berry and Blackberry Sorbet has been the one I've been wearing continuously since New York. This has been in my online basket for over 6 months, it wasn't until I visited the US that I finally managed to get my hands on it! It's an unusual berry with red undertones but depending on the light leans more purple. It's a little drying and has a slight shimmer in it giving a metallic finish.

4. Charlotte Tilbury's Birkin Brown
Charlotte Tilbury isn't affordable to most but at the time of purchase I had to have it as it was such a unique shade. It's not the best lipstick either as it needs a base and lipliner for decent coverage. Kat Von D's Piaf and Jeffree Star's Dominatrix seem like better alternatives. If there's one new lip colour you try this fall,  make it a brown lipstick.

5. Tom Ford's Black Dahlia
While the Sephora Blackberry Sorbet arm swatch seems like a dupe for Black Dahlia, you can see they look nothing alike once applied to the lips. Black Dahlia was a gift last Christmas and it's a gorgeous deep blood red lipstick. With my new neon green hair I get serious Jared Leto Joker vibes whenever I wear it.

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