October 20, 2015

30 Favourite Photos From New York

By New York, I mostly mean Manhattan, even though we did hang out a little in Brooklyn, I barely took any photos outside of Manhattan. During the 10 days in the US, it seems as though the only two days I took any photos of myself, I happened to be wearing the exact same outfit. It's a good thing I'm not a fashion blogger! When visiting, a lot of peope were telling me that I'll fall in love with the city. So did I in the end?

I'm unsure why New York is glamorised so much. Granted, Manhattan is very photogenic but there are things that you can't capture on camera. The stink of the city during a heatwave, the 'rudeness' that New Yorkers are famously known for. Don't get me wrong, this doesn't apply to everyone and there were plenty of things I loved doing whilst there. 

The city has never been on my travel bucket list but I went over to the US to meet a good friend of mine. While I didn't fall in love with the city, I did to certain parts of it. I would recommend visiting at least once. There's something empowering about being able to navigate around such a busy city by yourself. Since my trip to New York, I also get a lot of little references in shows that are based in New York. A lot of little jokes in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt make sense too. 

Have you ever been to New York? Did you love it or feel it was slightly overrated?

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  1. Your pictures are lovely. I hope to get to NY soon. I think NY is glamorized so much, because it is the original "big city" and the "city of dreams". It has a lot of history to it and where a lot of people went to try and be famous or get rich. It was a promise land to immigrants as well. It still holds a lot of a value to it in that aspect. So before, LA was around, that was the meca of the rich and famous for Americans. Even LA is over glamorized though.