September 11, 2015

New York Beauty & Sephora Haul/Damage

I've completely fallen off the bandwagon. While I have been making makeup purchases at events like IMATS, I could at least justify them as they were made for a starter kit. However, during my trip to New York, I went crazy and not a single one of these items were for the kit. The moment I spotted a Sephora, I instantly walked in despite not having checked in to a hotel with all my luggage at hand.

The first purchase I made was the Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation after getting colour matched in store. Throughout the trip, I've been wearing this foundation and for now all I can say is believe in the hype! I can't believe how much coverage this foundation has. 

I've had my eye on Too Faced blushers for a long while. Their packaging is so cutesy they've been on my to try list for ages. However I find they're too expensive in the UK. Since I was in the US though, I decided to pick up one of the new love flush blushers which are packaged in an equally adorable way but more compact. They're also meant to last for up to 16 hours, it'll be interesting to see just how true that claim is.

While walking around the Chelsea Markets, I found the funniest makeup bag and had to get it. Artists and Fleas, which was a pretty cool marketplace filled with artists & designers within the Chelsea Markets building had a stall selling makeup bags with all sorts of quotes on them. The only downside is that photos weren't allowed so I wouldn't be able to show any proof.

The only thing I had originally meant to pick up for the kit was the Kat Von D Shade & Light palette. However, I gave in to my own selfish needs and ended up picking up the Laura Mercier's Eye Artist's palette. The cool toned berry shadows on the top row really won me over in store. The fact that it was around £10 cheaper in the US compared to the UK was a bonus.

The Kat Von D Metal Crush release didn't capture my interest online. In store though, I couldn't believe how pigmented these shadows were with just one swipe. Specifically the brighter shadows, however I opted for more everyday shadows as I own too many brights already! Black No 1 (which I can only assume is named after the Type O Negative song) is a metallic gunmetal & Thunderstruck is a metallic pearl shadow.

The only drugstore item I ended up picking up was the Bombshell Covergirl Mascara as it was recommended by a friend. It's a 2 step mascara which I hope I, the biggest mascara hater, will get along with.

When I visited Paris, I was given a sample of a Marc Jacobs gel pencil in Blacquer and I've loved using it! However, as I'm currently still going through several black eyeliner pencils, I decided to get a full sized one in a raspberry purple shade called Jazz(berry).

Lipwise, I knew I had to pick up some of the new Kat Von D liquid lipstick shades. Unfortunately, a lot of them were already sold out in store and I moved around hotels too much to try placing an online order. On the other hand, it's great because I probably would have bought many more. After much umming and ahhing I went for Double Dare (cocoa blush) & Susperia (bright lavender).

The Sephora Matte Lip Cream range has been raved about for a long time and I've had Blackberry Sorbet on my to try list for ages. The only reason I didn't make the purchase months ago was because I knew I'd be visiting the US.

A non Sephora purchase! All across New York, I bumped into several Ricky's NYC stores everywhere. They mostly sell hair products but there's a small selection of makeup in most of their stores including NYX cosmetics, Dose of Colors, Violet Voss and LA Splash! I had originally hoped to pick up a few of their liquid lipsticks back at IMATS London but they had dropped out due to warehouse issues. A lot of shades were out of stock in various stores but ultimately, I decided to go for two Disney themed liquid lipsticks. Tiana (purple berry) & Belle (peachy nude with subtle sparkle). I think their price has gone up since back when I first heard of them though. As I was charged over $15 for each. 

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  1. SO many good purchases here! That Laura Mercier palette is so easy to use, I love it and it's extremely flattering. I really want to try KVD Susperia and Thunderstruck. :-) xx