September 08, 2015

Life Lately | August in Photos

August has been the month of downtime. Over the last year of continuous employment, I've gone in and out of a second job, completed a weekend Makeup Artistry course and done a lot of weekend overtime. Point is, I've not really had many weekends off or just any days off! So I finally got to switch off this August! 

SPLURGING | After attending the launch party for Urban Decay's Naked Smoky palette, I broke my makeup rehab goals & bought the palette. It's the first Naked palette that I felt like I needed and was just too beautiful to resist.

TRAVELLING | To Germany, specifically Dresden and Berlin. The moment I laid eyes on the Frauenkirche, I fell in love with Dresden. Germany was truely a beautiful country and I hope to explore other German cities in the future.

RELAXING | In Berlin I actually stayed in a rather nice hotel which also had a spa. Which included using a sauna in the German standard (aka the nude) which was a rather...interesting experience. 

READING | Reaper Man by Terry Pratchett. I have a tendency to start books and not finish them, I can finally say I've finished this one off! So I can justify buying another.

REMINISCING | I started a travel journal, it's an excellent way to keep you occupied during any solo travels. I've been hoarding a bunch of tickets and postcards for visuals.

INDULGING | The day after I arrived in Brum, I was treated to a blowdry by Show Beauty at Selfridges with Ting

PAMPERING | After being treated to a blowdry, it wasn't long after I received a package filled with Show Beauty products at my door. 

GIGGING | Shortly after returning to Brumland, I headed down to London for a mini reunion and sit down gig with some old uni friends.

ENJOYING | Being back in Birmingham. Between my trip to Germany and the US, Birmingham has been rather quirky and random. One of the random bits of 'quirkyness' was bumping into a Transformer truck in town. Can't complain.

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