September 27, 2015

Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette First Impressions

Is it me or are makeup releases this year kind of meh? Personally, I can't say I've felt the hype for beauty launches this year. I think the only brand who's products have really caught my interest is Kat Von D. It seems like she's been having launch after launch after launch this year and has seriously expanded her range. While I originally planned on resisting the Mi Vida Loca palette, when the time came, my Achilles heel for colourful palettes seriously crippled me over. I found myself making an order the same day of release! So was it worth it?

As per usual, I got reeled into purchasing this because of the rainbow of colours and packaging. The eyeshadows are laid out in a colour wheel with an inner circle of 7 neutral shades. The outer circle contains 17 bright shadows. My main issue with the layout is they aren't perfectly aligned with each other. It's an almost perfect palette, but the eyeshadows aren't directly opposite each other like you would expect from an artist's colour wheel.

Although the packaging is pretty, it's really impractical. The palette slides out of the cover just like an old school vinyl album. When I first removed the palette from the original box, I was surprised by how the palette instantly slid out of it's sleeve. It is also much bigger than the size of my face. I can't fit it in any sort of handbag or my train case for possible shoots. Even if I could fit it in any kind of bag, it would more than likely get damaged during transport as the palette slides out too easily.

I found the best performing shadows were the ones with shimmer. As someone with medium skin tone, I found the inner circle of neutral shadows disappointing. However, they do perform well as complementary shadows to the colourful shadows. Which is still a shame as I was hoping for a palette that would be a good all rounder palette for colourful and neutral looks.

I felt like the pigmentation for some shadows were amazing while some were ok. I could create colourful bright looks without the need of a white base and just an eye primer. Expect a little layering with the brighter eyeshadows but generally they were the more pigmented ones. My main issue was with the darker shadows. I felt as though they applied unevenly and required extra effort to blend.

Kat Von D's palettes are raved amongst fellow beauty addicts and while the Mi Vida Loca Remix palette is a good fun palette, I don't feel like this is the best bright palette out there. If you're familiar with the pigmentation of Urban Decay's Electric palette you'll find that performs better than the Remix palette. However, the Kat Von D palette provides more versatility as it contains a mixture of wearable shadows and brights.


  1. I love crazy colourful eyeshadows but I can never pull off a bright blue!

    Danika Maia

    I absolutely love the two eye looks you have created with them, the rainbow one is like a dream! I don't know anywhere near me that stocks Kat Von D so I might have to try find that UD palette you recommended.



  3. WOW that first eye shadow look is so amazing!! Definitely want to get this!!!Xx

  4. I felt the same way you do about this palette; the shimmers are definitely the best performers, and it's not the greatest palette, but not the worst. Nice, honest review.

    PS - Love your hair!