September 20, 2015

Do MAC Lipsticks Live Up To The Hype?

This post has been due for a long time. I've been on team anti-MAC for a long while. However, I've come to appreciate the brand a lot more (sellout), particularly while doing my makeup course. I love how easy their system is for starting makeup artists, with their range specifically specifying whether foundations are cool or warm tones, how you can match a foundation with a concealer easily and even with a heavily discounted 15 pan warm and cool toned palettes. They are a very makeup artist friendly brand. However, let's highlight the one product that have a knack for selling out and the entire beauty world raves about, those damned MAC lipsticks!

Dodgy Girl - Light Lavender Matte Finish
Heroine - Bright Purple Matte Finish
Rebel - Midtonal Cream Plum Satin Finish
Sin - Deep Dark Blue Red Matte Finish

MAC lipsticks come in a array of different finishes and textures and can range from £15 to £21. I'll only be discussing the standard £15 lipsticks that come in 9 different finishes. Of which, I've only tried two, Matte and Satin.

So do they live up to the hype? Hell no. There is no lipstick out there that deserves to sellout within hours of being available online. It's absurd! There isn't a single lipstick on this planet that is that life changing (although liquid lipsticks come close). However, that doesn't mean they're bad lipsticks. In fact they're better than just ok too.

When I apply MAC lipsticks, they feel almost like a balm over my lips. The creamy consistency isn't something I've ever experienced with most other matte lipsticks. This is bound to vary with each lipstick shade. I find Sin is the only one of the 4 that tugs on my lips with a drier texture. My limited edition dodgy girl lipstick does cling on to dry patches but isn't too unforgiving like some matte lipsticks can be.

They have a light vanilla scent. I generally dislike scented lipsticks however, the scent is so subtle and such a safe choice of smell that it doesn't bother me. I never notice the scent unless I'm literally sniffing the tube.

I find Sin and Dodgy Girl had the best coverage of the lot. With Rebel also having very good coverage for a satin finish. However I find Heroine needs extra building on my lips as it can seem a little sheer on the centre of my lower lip.

I find the darker matte lipsticks to be quite durable. With Heroine and Sin sitting perfectly on my lips for 5 hours. Although, my limited edition one lasts just under 4.

A while ago, I would have said £15 is way too much for a lipstick. However, these days it seems like most non drugstore lipsticks cost a lot more than this now. I find too many mid range lipsticks tend to now average around £18-£20.

So ultimately, would I purchase another MAC lipstick? Yes, I would (Sellout! *scoff* *cough*) Particularly if the lipstick was a truely original colour or maybe for my makeup kit. However, they aren't my go to lipstick of choice and you can still buy drugstore lipsticks that are on par with some MAC lipsticks.

Would I purchase another limited edition MAC lipstick? Only if the quality matches the permanent line.


  1. I love MAC lipsticks, they're my guilty pleasure and something I buy as a special treat. I don't use them half as much as I should, and I feel bad about that to be honest considering how much they cost.

    I love Rebel, it's by far my favourite shade, and it was the first one I bought. I only have two or three limited edition lipsticks too, which I haven't used for quite a while now as I want to save them for special occasions.

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