September 15, 2015

5 Reasons To Visit Dresden Germany

Now that I'm back dealing with the boring drudgery of everyday life, I thought I'd share some of my recent adventures. The first city I visited in August was Dresden, in Germany. If you were to say you never heard of the city before, I wouldn't judge you as I only heard of the place by chance. A friend of mine from university moved there and as I decided that I was going to visit Berlin anyway, I thought I may as well make a trip to Dresden and am I glad I did. It didn't take long at all to fall in love with the city. So here are my 5 reasons why you need to visit Dresden!

1. It's Easy(ish) To Get To
While flights to Dresden are rather expensive due to their tiny airport, Dresden has direct train connection to major cities both inside and outside of Germany. Dresden is a 2 hours train away from Berlin and Prague. If you were visiting either of these cities for Holiday, it's definitely worth making the train journey for at least a day trip to Dresden. 

2. Lack of Tourists
When I visited the city, I felt like I saw no tourists. This is because the majority of tourists in Dresden are from Germany, so as a foreigner, it felt very authentic and untouched. There are very few buskers and I noticed no scam artists. While it's not dirt cheap, it's rather affordable especially compared to other Major German cities.

3. The Architecture
During World War II, Dresden suffered a horrific amount of damage from the controversial allied bombings. Approximately 75% of the centre of town was destroyed taking 300,000 people with it. Old sites such as the Frauenkirche (first picture) were going to be replaced with a parking lot until locals protested against it. In response to the protest, the government began reconstruction of the church restoring it to it's former glory. It's fascinating to just walk around altmarkt (old town) in Dresden and imagine that most of the beautiful buildings and architecture weren't there decades ago and were rebuilt in it's original form.

4. One of only Two Places that lost it's World Heritage Site
The first city to lost it's status was Oman and Dresden's Elbe Valley is the only other city to have accomplished the same thing. Why did it lose it's status? Because of one modern bridge built across the river. This is partially contributes to the lack of tourists. If you're not a perfectionist and willing to look beyond the one silly bridge, I'm sure you can still appreciate the Valley nontheless, afterall, it spans over 20km!

5. Schlosses, Castles & Palaces
Despite living in the UK, castles are a bit of a novelty for me. Probably moreso as the closest castle to me is in ruins. Palaces and castles, particularly ones in their full form makes me feel like I've walked into a fairytale. There are quite a few castles and palaces both in and near Dresden. My favourites were the Zwinger palace and the grounds by Pillnitz castle.

Agree? Disagree? Have I missed something? Let me know!

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