August 04, 2015

Life Lately | July in Photos

July hasn't been one of the most stressful but rewarding months this year. I'm happy to wave goodbye to it and am looking forward to a more chilled out August filled with adventure. So what have I been up to?

INDULGING | Despite owning an Independent Birmingham card for a few months now, I've only recently gotten any use out of it. I think for the next 6 months or so, me and my partner will be making an extra effort to discover local business' instead of eating at food chains.

KIT BUILDING | For most of this year, I was 90% sure I wasn't going to be attending IMATS. However, with the makeup course, it felt silly not to go as it was the perfect place to build my own start up kit. 

ANTICIPATING | I've been toying with the idea of visiting Berlin for a few months. In July, I finally booked my flights over to Germany. Part of my trip will be solo and during the other half I'll be visiting a friend of mine in Dresden. I'm feeling really anxious about the solo travel.

QUALIFYING  | Over the last 2/3 months I've been attending makeup school. I'm relieved to be able to say that I manage to pass my exams. Around the same time, I had a lot of stress with trying to sort out paperwork for work as they've offered me a 2 year contract. Now I just need to work on my coursework to obtain the qualification.

DYEING | I've felt as though the turquoise only dye was a little...flat. As someone who had no idea what she was doing, adding blue to the ends of the dye experiment was a success.

REARRANGING | I did a naughty but useful thing. Pre-imats I had met up with friends at their house and fell in love with her whole room setup. The one thing I particularly loved was this IKEA table and even though I'm meant to be saving for my upcoming travels, I decided to just go for it. I felt way too accomplished by setting up the table myself.

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