August 30, 2015

Jumping on the Naked Palette Bandwagon with Naked Smoky

So it's finally happened, I've joined the legion of Beauty Bloggers that have an Urban Decay naked palette. Sellout much eh? When the Naked Smoky palette was announced by Urban Decay, my initial thought was 'meh'. I was more intrigued by the matte lipsticks they were releasing at the same time in the UK. So when I was invited along to the launch of the Naked Smoky Palette, I had no intention of picking one up. However, when I saw it in the flesh, I forgot about Makeup Rehab and gave in to temptation. I've had a little play with it and thought I'd share my first impressions.

High - Champagne shimmer micro glitter
Dirtysweet - Medium bronze
Radar - Metallic taupe with iridescent micro glitter
Armor - Metallic silver-taupe tonal sparkle
Slanted - Light metallic gray
Dagger - Medium charcoal micro-shimmer
Black Market - Jet-black satin
Smolder - Deep plum taupe
Password - Cool taupe matte
Whiskey - Rich brown matte
Combust - Soft pink-taupe
Thirteen - Light beige satin

Daytime Smoky Look  - High, Dirtysweet, Radar, Whiskey and Thirteen

Gunmetal Smoky Look - High, Armor, Slanted, Dagger, Black Market, Cumbust & Thirteen

If you've ever struggled for ideas with makeup palettes, the Naked Smoky comes with a lookbook to inspire you with 4 different ways to wear the palette. My looks were done without referring to the lookbook. 

Contrary to popular belief, the new Naked Smoky palette isn't filled with previous shades. Only 3 of the 12 shadows are exclusives from past palettes and the other 9 are never seen before colours. The shadows are wonderfully pigmented and blend easily. The only 'dud' shade would be Password which I found needed slightly more work to blend. I'd also say that as a medium skin tone, Black Market could be...blacker. 

This is the perfect palette for me because it offers a range of colours that don't all seem to basically be the same colour family (I'm looking at you Naked3), with shades of bronze, gunmetal and even a purple in there. There's colour wash shade (combust) that blends into the lid perfect days that I want a slightly underdressed look or just want a winged eyeliner paired with a bold lipstick. It also has the perfect colours necessary for a classic dark black smoky eye. 

Although, I've broken my 5 pan purchases, I kind of have no regrets about this one. I feel like this Naked palette is the only one that's really spoken to me out of the 6 that exist. If you're a vaguely alternative person who's been considering this palette, I'd definitely recommend picking this up. This palette would have been perfect for my teenage self before I was introduced to bright colourful eye shadows.

The Naked Smoky is currently available at Selfridges and Debenhams in the UK and Sephora in the US for £38


  1. I don't blame you for caving, it is such a beautiful palette! I love the shimmery silver shades, they are gorgeous

    Aliya x | |

    1. Yeah like I said, I never quite realised how pretty it was until I saw it irl!

  2. This looks like a fab palette! I'm not the greatest at doing a smokey eye but yours looks lovely :) xx

    1. Neither was I originally, practice makes perfect. Also there's a lookbook in there to help you out!

  3. What a stunning palette and great eye look!