July 03, 2015

Life Lately | June in Photos

It's been a little quiet on the blog over the end of the month, what have I been up to? 

Midnight Birthday Surprise Lemon cake | 10k steps a day challenge | Partner's birthday desert
 Blue Hair | Topokki Birmingham | Makeup School Bad Girl Smoky Eye
Milkshake Weather | New York | Batman PS4

June kicked off with celebrating my lemon obsessed partner's birthday, which meant indulging in a lot of naughty treats. We somehow have managed to maintain the tradition of gifting each other a little something at midnight on special occasions. After a naughty start to the month, I've been attempting to balance things out and improve my health. At work we've been challenged to manage 10,000 steps a day for 6 weeks and were given pedometers. Pedometers have been a huge eye opener. I was shocked by how few steps I've been taking in my daily routine. 

I've been stupidly busy this month, with makeup school, overtime and even a few social gatherings. I also managed to top up my dye, which ended up a lot bluer than I'd like but it's finally washed out most of the blue tones. Makeup school has been going well and I can safely say I've gotten over my fear of applying makeup on other people. As it's in the Custard Factory and the weather has been so warm, I've managed to drag a few people into the Vintage Salon to indulging in the most heavenly milkshakes I've tried. 

I've been working as much overtime as possible so I can travel this summer and managed to book my flights to New York! I'm super excited and nervous about travelling. I somehow also managed to scrape up enough spare cash to purchase a PS4 to play the new Batman Arkham Knight game. It's the reason why things have been a bit quiet over the last week or so on the blog and social media. I'm 80% through the main story line though so things should be kick-starting soon!

Side Note - I've worked on destashing a lot of makeup items, check out my blog sale page!

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