July 24, 2015

How I Look After My Bleached Hair

As someone with rather dark hair, I ended up bleaching my hair four times (over 3 months) to get my hair light enough for a blue based dye. Considering how terrified I originally was to bleach my hair at all, I'm surprised to say that there's not too much of a difference in the condition of the hair on my roots to the bleached bits (ignoring my split ends). Admittedly, this is mostly due to being patient during the bleaching process. However, good products and a proper haircare regime play an equally important part. 

When it came to looking after my hair prior to bleaching, I didn't do much. I'd mostly alternate between L'Oreal products. However, after my first bleach session, it was time to really invest in my hair products. I've been using a brand called SexyHair, who are impossible to find in any store. You'll only find them online in the UK or in select salons. If you're in the US though, they seem to be available in Ulta. They have a few different ranges within the brand but the one I use is 'Smooth' Sexy Hair which contains coconut oil. The smooth range specialises in taming frizzy hair. The line is also sulphate free which is especially useful for those of us with dyed hair.

The major downside if that they're not affordable but damn do they do wonders! The shampoo and conditioner cost just under £10 each and the nourishing mask is over £16. Occasionally you'll find the range on a 3 for 2 offer on BeautyBay. I only ever wash my hair twice a week to keep my colour vibrant but each time I do I always shampoo, condition and use the hair mask. I didn't realise how well these worked for me until I used everything up and went back to my L'Oreal shampoos. Within a week, my hair felt ultra dry and frizzy. Using pure coconut oil didn't particularly help either. I quickly reordered these again and the condition of my hair significantly improved yet again. 

I'll also use pure coconut oil overnight on my hair once a month. Although, this is something I save for things like if I have a hair appointment at a salon for either bleaching or a blowdry. I find the most damage to my hair isn't the bleach, it's how tough and violently I tug on my hair whenever I brush it. Naturally, bleach strips the hair of pigment and it makes it more brittle, being so tough on my hair doesn't do any favours. I try to be more patient and use a Tangle Teezer to brush out any knots.

You'd think having bleached hair I'd ease up on heating and styling it so much. However, I don't think there's been a single week where I've not used heat on it. I've began using the Soya Want Flat Hair Iron Spray from the Healthy sexy hair range. I use it as both a heat a protector and a finishing spray. I find you need very little product and applying too much makes it too stick firm. 

I use a mixture of products for calming frizzy hair. My favourite item is the L'Oreal extraordinary oil. Which I always use as a finishing product. I bought the smooth sexy hair frizz eliminator serum as a replacement for the extraordinary oil but I'm not a fan and would not recommend it at all! It's probably fine for virgin hair but I find it's too lightweight for bleached hair. The John Frieda Secret Agent Perfecting Creme is a family favourite, one that my mum who's bleached her hair for years has used on the ends. It's a lot heavier than the L'Oreal Extraordinary oil range, so I tend to only use it 2 days after not washing my hair. 

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