July 07, 2015

Dupes | Jeffree Star's Redrum VS Lime Crime's Red Velvet

Last year I ended up pre-ordering the three debut shades of Jeffree Star's Velour liquid lipsticks. I've taken my time to review them as I didn't want to just rave about how good they are during my first time trying them. As Redrum is the shade I've had the most experience with, and it's often compared to the controversial company, Lime Crime's, Red Velvet liquid lipstick I thought I'd share my thoughts on the two ignoring Lime Crime's bad reputation.

As you can see from the swatches, the two aren't exact dupes of each other colour wise. Redrum is a cherry red lipstick while Red Velvet has slight blue undertones to it. However, there's been a lack of consistency shade wise with Red Velvet and the brand have previously owned up to releasing bad batches. Ultimately, for me, I prefer Red Velvet's shade over Redrum, as it's just slightly deeper. Other's may prefer redrum's cherry red.

I find people either love or hate liquid lipsticks, and the reason behind this depends on their tolerance for how drying they can be. The moment you apply Red Velvet, you can feel the formula begin setting on the lips. It's really drying but it means that the lipstick sets quickly. Redrum on the other hand doesn't feel drying at all. It takes a while to set but is incredibly comfortable on the lips throughout the day. 

After a couple of hours, I find Red Velvet tends to disappear on the middle of the lips, as shown in my previous post here. Redrum on the other hand is generally a lot more longlasting. I find it doesn't fade as quickly or on the centre of the lips. I had minimal fading over a longer period of time without budging. 

Ultimately, Jeffree Star's Redrum is a clear winner. It's less drying, lasts longer and as an added bonus the company won't destroy your life by stealing all your money. You can check out Redrum from the official Jeffree Star website. If you're in the UK you can order them from Cocktail Cosmetics.


  1. I love liquid lippies and these two look lovely! xx

    Jane | Poptarts Beauty Blog | Youtube

  2. I don't have Redrum yet but it's on my wishlist as my Red Velvet has gone bad! :-(


  3. I'm gutted about all the stuff that has happened with Lime Crime due to how nice their liquid lipsticks look.

    However, I love the look of Jeffree Star's and I really wanna get my hands on Abused. :)


  4. After doing so much research on the lime crime thing I would never touch any product associated with them at all. But I love the Jeffre star line of liquid lipsticks! Absolutely beautiful colours and easy to apply.