July 05, 2015

Depotting Lipsticks Without Heat

Back when I first began blogging, I did a little tutorial on depotting lipsticks with heat. I decided that I wanted to depot all my NYX Macaron lipsticks into a lipstick palette. The crazy colours are impractical but for shoots & creating new lipstick shades they're great. I knew I wanted one side of my MAC duo pro palette to be filled with these colours & then add the regular ones to the other side. If I needed a blue based red, I could just mix a standard red with a blue. If  I wanted a lighter shade of beige, I'd just lighten it with white. As there'd be so much mixing involved, having it perfect & neat in the palette didn't matter. I also avoided the heat as I didn't want to run the risk of melting the palette & wells.

 1. Designate a well to each lipsticks. (Optional - especially if you plan on filling it over time)

 2. Spray Anti-Bacterial spray on the palette as a safety precaution. Mine is from a brand called 'The Pro Hygiene Collection'. It's awesome cause you can actually spray it on makeup and it evaporates in a minute or so without altering the product

3. Using a spatula, or the end of a cotton bud (with the cotton removed) scoop out your lipsticks and place them into the wells. Most wells will be a lot smaller than these. So you'll find the bullet actually has too much product. If that's the case, you could try slicing off the bullet, then scooping out product into the pan. Then return the bullet back into the tube.

 4. Mash them using a lip brush. Make sure to clean the brush between shades as you don't want them to mix too much. Then clean up the sides with cotton buds & anti bacterial spray to finish!

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  1. This is great to know, thanks for posting it!!