July 10, 2015

Beauty Bullsh!t | Strobing

The second I came across my first 'strobing' tutorial, I immediately passed it off as a bunch of bs that wouldn't catch on. Much to my dismay though, more and more people are talking about it. A simple Youtube search shows that the trend is around a month old. However, strobing has been around for years by a different name, highlighting.

My issue isn't with the technique itself. Instead of the beauty industry innovating a new product, they've just taken an old technique and repackaged it as something new. It's a marketing gimmick. It's not the new 'contouring'. I can understand why some have said this though. I admit to believing that contouring included both shading and highlighting and didn't realise that it was just the shading part, not the highlighting. This misunderstanding was from watching a lot of  'How to Contour' posts online. 

So where on earth did this new word come from? I can only assume that it's from a product that my teachers at makeup school rave about, MAC's Strobe Cream. It's officially classed under the moisturiser category on the MAC website but we tend to either mix it with foundations for those with pale skin or doing bridal makeup to give a glow to the skin or highlight certain areas.

So does this mean we'll be seeing less shading/contouring? Unlikely, at least not for me. The basic makeup theory goes, light colours bring out certain features, while darker colours bring them in. With my recent weight gain and the chub on my cheeks, I'll be looking to artificially bring them in to fake cheekbones until I find the motivation to exercise more. Naturally, you'd 'strobe' any features of yourself that you'd like to highlight. Above your cheekbones, your nose, forehead. Don't limit this to your face though, also apply it to your collarbones.

Admittedly, it seems as though illuminators tend to be used more than highlighters. Naturally, I've actually finished the only proper illuminator I own before things like this become 'on trend'. With the summer heat, you may find yourself skipping out on cream based highlighters or illuminators anyway. Opt for something powder based instead.

What are your thoughts on 'strobing'? Are you irrationally angry like me that it's a new name for highlighting or are you embracing it? 

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  1. My opinions on strobing are exactly the same. It is absurd. Highlighting is highlighting no matter what kind of "trendy" name it is called. By the way, your hair looks amazing!