June 16, 2015

Too Faced Rock N Roll Rock Eye Shadow Palette Review

Almost a year ago, Too Faced released two music themed palettes, the rock n roll palette and the country girl palette. Despite the obvious gimmicky theme, I couldn't help but get sucked in. I was obsessed with the palette and needed it in my life. The jewel toned, smoky eye shadow colours and the studded punk as hell palette cover reeled me in. The problem was, it was a website and Ulta exclusive, making it impossible for those of us outside the US to get a hold of. I managed to grab it on eBay shortly after it's release, but now? It turn's out the Too Faced finally ships to the UK!

Rockabilly, Rap, Ska, New Wave, Pop, Heavy Metal, New Romantic, Glam Rock, Punk

Similar to the Kat Von D palettes, Too Faced palettes, have 3 shadows in a larger pan than the rest that are meant to serve as base shadows. Once I received the palette, I was surprised by how small it actually was, but it makes it an excellent one to throw into your handbag or for travelling as it's so compact. The Rock N Roll palette is packed full of shimmery dark smoky shadows that are sure to satisfy anyone who associates themselves with alternative culture.

Rockabilly is a light matte cream shadow that I tend to use as a highlight shade. Rap is a metallic gold shadow with an almost sheer like quality to it. It may need a little layering. Out of all 9 shades in this palette, I can't see myself getting much use out of it. It's also my least favourite name in the palette and doesn't really feel like it belongs in there. Ska is a medium brown shadow with a pearl/satin finish to it and has a buttery texture.

New Wave is a subtle light pink shadow with white sparkle, it's my least favourite shadow of the lot, more so because I feel it clashes with my skin tone. Pop is a plum eyeshadow with subtle red undertones, I find it needs a little layering on it's own but with a primer, it's incredibly pigmented. Heavy Metal is a blackened blue with purple glitter.

New Romantic is a difficult one to describe, the best I can describe it as is a light sandy beige with a soft pearl finish. Out of the three base shadows, it's the only one I can see myself getting much use out of. Glam Rock is a khaki grey with white/silver shimmer. I was slightly disappointed with this shadow only because I expected it to lean greener. Punk is a forest green eyeshadow with shimmer, it requires a little layering to get the colour to look as deep as the pan. 

In general, there are some shadows which seem slightly powdery in texture but are actually very pigmented. If not, they can easily be layered for a more intense colour. However, I would not describe any of them as chalky and you won't experience these problems with a primer. If you're looking for a dark smoky palette, I would definitely recommend picking this up.


  1. This looks so good, I defo want to try it! xx

    Jane | Poptarts Beauty
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  2. These shades are beautiful! I love the look of Ska xx