June 19, 2015

Too Faced Rock N Roll Palette Lookbook

Although Too Faced's Rock N Roll palette comes with it's own little lookbook, I thought I'd share a few of my own looks that I've created and tend to reuse whenever I use this palette.

To get this look I applied Glam Rock all over the lid then muted it down with New Romantic. I used Rockabilly on the brow bone and Punk along the lower lash line. After applying some eyeliner, I used glitter adhesive above the liner and applied the glitters. For full directions check out this post.

This is my most worn look, which I've previously paired with Illamasqua's Atomic lipstick. I applied New Romantic all over the lid and blended Ska into the crease and lower lash line. Then I added depth to it by using heavy metal in the outer corner. I used NYX's butter lipstick in Licorice on the lips.

I created this navy smoky eye by first adding a lot of kohl liner across the lid and blending it out a little. After that, I patted Heavy Metal all over the lid and then blended in pop on the crease bone.

This final looks is quite similar to the second one, but is less of a banana crease. I started the look by applying New Romantic into the crease and Rockabilly into the brow bone. Next I applied Rap on the lid and into the inner corner. I created a V shape on the outer corner with Ska and also applied Ska on the lower lash line. I deepened the V shape with Heavy Metal and finished off the look with eyeliner and mascara.

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  1. Such amazing looks you've created! Please do my makeup!!! Hahahahah x