June 09, 2015

MAC Makeup Student Pro Discount Kit Picks

As I've mentioned a few times now, I've been doing a makeup course during the weekend. Our school was able to get us a one off pro discount at a local MAC Pro Store to purchase items to start up our own makeup kit. It was very tempting to go and pick up a whole bunch of makeup items for myself. However, I'm currently trying to streamline my personal makeup collection so I made extra effort not to give in to temptation. A lot of the items in this post aren't available on MAC counters and only in Pro Stores.  

The first thing on my kit list was the MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palettes. Considering how each concealer costs at least £15, the palette is incredibly cost effective at £35. There are 4 palettes for different skin tones, light, medium, medium deep and dark. The shades on the left of all these palettes are for cool yellow toned skins and the right for warm pink toned skins. All of this makes it an excellent product for budding makeup artists.  I wanted to pick up the light, medium and medium deep palettes but they only had medium in stock.

The next thing I knew I had to try were the MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pots to use as eyeshadow bases. A few shades were sold out but I managed to pick up Layin Low for medium skin and Painterly for light skin tones with a pink undertone. I also wanted to pick up Soft Ochre which would have worked on Olive skins or as an eyeshadow brightener on medium skin tones but it was sold out.

I picked up a few items that I could easily use on anyone despite skin tone such as their Transparent Finishing Powder. For the lips I picked up a Lip Liner in Spice, which is meant to be one of their more popular items and the Prep + Prime Lip Primer. Since I already own so many black and brown eyeliners, I went for Technakohl Liner in Risque which is a nude light beige shade for the waterline to enlarge eyes.

The only other niche product I picked up was MAC's Face Protect Primer which has oil-control and includes SPF. I also picked up a Double Sided Palette as I wanted to depot my NYX macaron lippies into one side and I've still not decided what to do with the other half. However, when I went into the store I was told they only sell their lipstick wells in Covent Garden so I just made an online order as the 12 Well Insert only costs £2.50 anyway.

The last thing I picked up that was more of a personal one, is the No. 4 False Eyelashes, I asked for a pair that would look natural as everytime I try to find something subtle, they end up looking too dramatic.

Is there anything else that I should have picked up to start up a makeup kit? Let me know!

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